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Terms & Conditions

Your Order: The full description of each piece of jewellery is on the website, once you have made the order an order confirmation form will be sent to you asking you to sign Kiddieprints T&C's.  Once we receive your signed order form and prints this will be confirmation that you have agreed to these T&C's. 

Order Confirmation Form: The order confirmation form will be sent to you with your print pack once payment has been received and cleared.  This must be signed and returned with the prints, once received this confirms you have accepted our Terms & Conditions. You must complete the following sections on the order form;
  1. Inscriptions - It is imperative you indicate the inscriptions that you require on the charm in the section provided on the form. Only information in these boxes will be added, please don't assume for example the date of birth will be added if it hasn't been specified clearly on the form.
  2. Charm Shapes & Chain Required - Your charm will be made in the standard heart shape unless you specify otherwise and will be sent on a 16" sterling silver belcher chain unless otherwise specified.
  3. Delivery Address - Ensure the address on the form is the correct address for delivery as Kiddieprints accepts no responsibility if the item is sent to the wrong address.

Payment: Payment will be taken when you place your order through Paypal (don't worry you don't need to have a paypal account to pay via this method).  You can also pay by Cheque or Cash but production of your piece will not commence until full payment has been received and cleared.  If you want to pay by this method, please contact me. 

Cancelling your Order:  Due to the handmade nature of our goods, you have no legal right to cancel your order once payment has been made, however, please contact me to discuss and consider the following;

  • If you cancel after a print pack has been sent to you a £10 administration fee will be deducted from your payment and the remainder refunded.
  • You will not be able to cancel once you have returned your prints and I have started production of your jewellery.

For Handprints & Footprints: Ensure you follow the instructions on the print pack fully.  Don't worry if there are smudges or your fingerprints on the paper, these can be edited out.  If you are unsure at any point whether the prints you have taken are useable, please take a photo of them and email them to [email protected] and we can check them for you.  

Please specify next to the prints taken which one you would like to use and if the prints are taken from different people, please write the names and ages of the person next to the print.

The actual handprint or footprint you take will be minimised in size and a stamp made in order to make the jewellery.  At this stage fine lines and detail may disappear from the print due to the minimisation process.

For Fingerprints:  Make sure the print you send is taken correctly by following the instruction sheet, ensure there are no cracks in the piece and the fingerprint is complete.  You will be sent enough putty to take a few prints so please use it all to ensure you get the best print.  Once the prints are taken place them in the plastic bags provided clearly indicating the name and age of the child on each plastic bag.      

A fingerprint mould is made from your imprint to press into the silver clay, so your actual fingerprint is used, however the size of the print will reduce slightly in size during the silver firing process.

We do not recommend fingerprint jewellery for a baby under the age of about 6-8 months old, this is because a baby's fingerprint is not fully defined until they are at least 8-12 months old. However handprint and footprint jewellery is perfect for this age group.

Delivery Timescales: The estimated date of delivery will be 21 days from receipt of the prints.

The delivery cost is not included in the purchase price and will be added at checkout. Your item wil be delivered by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery which means you will have to sign for the package, there are three postage options at checkout for you to choose;

1st Class Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, without insurance - £4.99 

1st Class Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, with insurance - £6.99 

Collect from Milton Keynes - if you are local to the area, you are more than welcome to collect your finished piece in person

Handmade & Inscriptions: The Fingerprint, Handprint and Footprint Jewellery made by Kiddieprints is entirely handmade and not mass produced, with this in mind your piece may not be flat, it may have slight indents but that makes the piece all the more unique and special for you, no two pieces will be the same.

Inscriptions on the back of the charm will always be by hand. Inscriptions on the front may be stamped or by hand, it all depends on the length of the text and charm space available. Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to discuss this further.

Taking Care of Your Jewellery:  Pure silver is softer than sterling silver so the charms are subject to wear and tear.  Perfume, hairspray and even the oils in our hands can tarnish silver.  Avoid wearing the charms where they will knock against other jewellery. Always remove before having a shower or going to bed.

Photography: All pieces will be photographed for use on the Kiddieprints website, social media and for general marketing purposes, flyers, adverts, etc. All photographs taken by Kiddieprints remain the property of Kiddieprints and cannot be reproduced in any form without our consent.