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  • Handprint Star Necklace
  • Fingerprint Charm Necklace with Tag
  • bespoke handprint and footprint necklace
  • personalised initials necklace
  • personalised mens tag necklace
  • Handmade Silver Necklace
  • Hand cut Butterfly Fingerprint or Handprint Necklace
  • Busy Bee Queen Bee Necklace
  • Fingerprint Silver Beaded Bracelet
  • Florence Handprint

Design Yours, In Your Words & Little Artists

Each piece we make is made entirely by hand, so if you dont see what you are looking for in our shop, why don't you contact us and discuss your design ideas.  Together we can create a brand new design specifically for you and totally unique.

Why not turn that note signed by your late mum or dad or handrawn picture by your child into a special piece of Jewellery. All you need to so is scan or photograph the writing or picture and we will carefully extract it and imprint into your chosen item. Whether you'd prefer an artwork necklace, a handwritten bracelet tag or even your childs name handwritten by them next to their handprint, we have something for everyone. 

Contact us to discuss so we can view your handriting or artwork first, it must be clear and simple for it to be succesfully miniaturised and set into the silver.


Email: [email protected] or telephone 07743 657826.